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lead paint testing with xrf gun

Lead Paint Testing with an XRF Analyzer

Rent a handheld XRF analyzer to test for lead paint before you paint, repair, or renovate an old building. With one of our portable XRF analyzer rentals you can quickly and easily test homes, commercial buildings, or other structures suspected to have lead based paint. The XRF lead tester gun is a simple point and shoot piece of testing equipment. This handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer takes just minutes to learn to test and export results.

We deliver the best in XRF lead testing instruments. The Olympus Innov-X handheld, portable XRF analyzer is the gold standard in non-destructive testing for lead inspection. Get instant, accurate readings with this high-quality lead testing gun. The XRF spectrometer offers a versatile PDA platform and easy-to-read displays.

Get a rental quote. If you have any questions about XRF rentals for lead testing, please contact us online or call 877-386-2480 to talk to one of our specialists.

What are the lead inspection capabilities of Olympus Innov-X?

  • Classify definitive positive/negative results for Pb in seconds
  • Quantify Pb readings in mg/cm2
  • Comply with restrictions on lead exposure during building demolition & construction
  • Use in manufacturing, homes or commercial buildings

Additional testing capabilities of the Olympus Innov-X:

  • Toxic metals in plastics – Pb, Hg, Cd. Cr, Br & others.
  • Pb-free electronics – new alloys, pure metal substitutes, prevention of Sn whiskering.
  • FASTSORT of PVC & Br- or Sb-based flame retardants.
  • Versatile PDA platform.
  • Easy-to-read displays.

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