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Handheld XRF gun detects defective Chinese drywall

Use XRF to Detect Strontium and Sulfur in Chinese Drywall

X-ray fluorescence technology is a reliable, non-destructive screening tool that can help you identify defective Chinese drywall anywhere. The Innov-X handheld XRF analyzer with the Light Element Analysis Package (LEAP) detects Strontium (Sr) and Sulfur (S) in seconds. Rent a portable XRF gun today: Get an XRF analyzer rental quote.

How to Test for Chinese Drywall

Get instant, non-destructive test results on-site with XRF spectrometry. Rent an Innov-X handheld XRF analyzer to screen for elevated levels of Strontium and Sulfur—indicators of defective Chinese drywall. In "Soil Mode" our XRF spectrometers can detect Strontium (Sr) and with the Light Element Analysis Package, they can do Sulfur (S) in the higher range. Toxic Chinese drywall is evident if the Sr is 1200ppm or more and the S is 2% or greater.

*Only units with the LEAP package can do Sulfur.

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Defective Chinese Drywall Signs & Symptoms

Safety issues and property loss from imported Chinese drywall have been reported extensively in homes built between 2003 and 2008. From sulfurous odors to health issues to corroded plumbing and electrical systems, defective Chinese drywall has created a housing disaster for thousands of homeowners in more than 20 states. Homes throughout the southeastern US were hit particularly hard by this devastating problem. In November 2009, an inter-agency task force including a CPSC contractor, who used the Innov-X Systems Alpha Handheld XRF, released a report which includes methods to test homes for defective drywall. The presence of Strontium (Sr) at levels over 1,200 ppm has been found by numerous studies to be an effective indicator of toxic Chinese drywall.

Non-destructive testing with an XRF gun is fast and reliable. Testing companies and contractors have been using the Innov-X Handheld XRF to quickly screen for elevated levels of Strontium (Sr) and Sulfur (S) in homes with suspect drywall.

Innov-X Systems and its Environmental Testing Partners will continue to help work towards a standard federal testing protocol. Current findings regarding the accuracy and precision of handheld XRF as part of a draft protocol can be found in circulating publications.

Innov-X Handheld XRF for Strontium (Sr) Screening

Innov-X handheld XRF analyzers are used to test intact drywall quickly and easily without moving or destroying it. Several testing firms have found that elevated levels of Strontium (Sr) in excess of 1,200 ppm, and Sulfur (S) in excess of 2%, are indicative of Chinese drywall. Within seconds, Innov-X Handheld XRF can test for up to 25 elements, in the same test, providing additional information should it be required as the protocols evolve.

Innov-X Advantages Include:

  • Definitive identification of Strontium (Sr) at levels over 1,200 ppm
  • Testing results in seconds
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design
  • Easily measures uneven surfaces
  • Used by testing companies worldwide
  • Comprehensive XRF training program
  • Tube-based XRF: cost effective, accurate, precise measurements

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